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Unlimited Data Plan

For Tablets & Wireless Routers

Only $139

*Includes a 4G router to use, great for rural, RV’s, hotspots, tablets & more . Our Unlimited Data Plan is just that Unlimited for only $139/mo

Unlimited LTE Data Plan

Unlimited Data Plan

For Everyone

Covid has change how we all have to live our lives. We now have to be connected more then ever.

Unlimited Tablet data


Unlimited 4G/5G LTE

Unlimited 4G/5G LTE Data plan –   There is no limits to the amount of data you can use with our unlimited data plans.

Unlimited Streaming

Watch as much or as little as you like, there is no stopping you now.

Nationwide Coverage

We have you covered, all of our plans have nationwide coverage on one of Americas top cellular networks.

NO Contracts

No need to worry about contracts are unlimited data plan for tablets is paid month to month.

No Hidden Fee's

No Supprise’s on your bill. 

All Fee’s and taxes are included in the price.


Bring Your Own Device 

Most Tablets or Wireless Router from T-mobile, ATT and Verizon will work.

Unlimited tablet data

Start streaming those movies you wanted to watch. Our Unlimited Data Plan is Truly Unlimited and for just $139/mo.

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” We purchased this for a son so he could use it for his school work and of course his games… “

July 11 / Diane F

” We put it to the test and watched as much TV as we could on our iPad and it never slowed down or stopped.”

Aug 4/ Johnny Simpson

” If you use a lot of data this is the plan for you… Thanks”

Sep 12/ Debra W

” We were paying over $75 A month for 15gigs now we are paying $49 and not running out of data anymore.”

Sept 16 / Gil Ll

” School work, Games and video streaming and more “

Sept 18/ Jennifer S

” We switched from another name brand service and we are now saving $120 a month! 

Sept 18/ Louis F
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Choosing the best plan for your needs is easy

Unlimited 4G/5G LTE Data Plan

Great for rural area's, routers, tablets & More
$ 139 Monthly
  • Unlimited 4G/5G LTE Data
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • HD Video Streaming
  • No Hidden Fee's
  • No Contracts
  • RV's, Rural Area's
  • Hotspots, Tablets & More
  • Include 4G LTE router to use
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